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About Us


In 2003, Brandon began mowing his neighbors' lawns at the age of 14 with help from a homemade, tow-behind trailer attached to his bicycle - a gift from his father - and incorporating his clever business name - a gift from his mother. He quickly built up a loyal clientele (many that are STILL clients today!) that extended from Maitland into Casselberry and soon, with the purchase of a truck and trailer, began reaching parts of Winter Park and Winter Springs.

Brandon discovered a passion for landscape design and quickly added it to his arsenal of skills through horticultural courses and studying his favorite landscape architects.

2017 brought a new face to the business as Brandon's soon-to-be -Brother-In-Law, Nick Kasheta, joined Lawn Enforcement By The Book. Becoming Brandon's business partner, Nick has played a huge part in taking this company to the next level.

Nick brought his experience down from Connecticut, where he mastered the art of the Hardscape business from designing to installing, and expertly displays those skills with every job. His attention to detail, attentiveness to clients, and precise design has brought  new and exciting elements to the table. Furthermore, in early 2018, due to a high demand for Hardscapes, the purchase of a Bobcat T550 front-end loader was made and many new opportunities for expansion have been discovered.

Now, with a combined experience of 30 years in this service business, Brandon and Nick developed Lawn Enforcement By The Book into what it is today; A company that services multiple cities in Central Florida and is devoted to excellence, dependability, and affordability.

Always Striving For The Best Quality Service